Friday, October 29, 2010

The newest and cheapest product in town which is able to return womens youthful and helps to protect your greatness inside out. Pre-mixed Cocoaa delicious drink blended from Arabica Brasil coffee beans and high quality cocoa powder. This product enriched with Marine Collagen for inner beauty not to mentioned Lobata Extract and Kacip Fatimah (Labisia Pumila) which has long been used traditionally for womens health. Its simply delicious and nutritious!

Cocoa Collagen Power Plus contains:
? Marine Collagen help in stabilizing hormones, beautify and refine skin.
? Kacip Fatimah - Help tighten womb muscles, woman vaginal and give deep pleasure
in husband and wife relationship
? Lobata help to increase energy, firm breast and buttocks
? Non-dairy creamer help to boost your health
? Dextrose monohydrate delay aging process
? Oligo saccharide detoxifies and upgrade system in the body

? Help in stabilizing hormones
? Stimulate new cell growth / anti wrinkle
? Beautify, fresh and refine skin
? Firm breast and buttocks
? Delay aging process
? Tighten vagina and deep pleasure in husband and wife relationship
? Beautify cracked heels
? Brighten skin naturally
? To boost energy
? Reduces hair lost
? Smooth blood circulation
? Stabilize body weight
? To boost digestion
? Reduce arthritic and muscle pain

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  1. Thanks for this great article! Ive been thinking of taking marine collagen capsules to help my skin but wasnt aware of the other benefits - this is great!